Alexander Technique John Dewey

John Dewey and the Alexander Technique

It [the F.M. Alexander Technique] bears the same relation to education that education
itself bears to all other human activities.

~ John Dewey

From the Literature:

F. Matthias Alexander giving John Dewey an Alexander Technique lesson. John Dewey and F.M. Alexander
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Credit for most of the content, and the inspiration, for this John Dewey website goes to my Alexander Technique teacher, Alexander Murray. In the late 1960s, Professor Murray embarked on a research project, collecting writings concerning the John Dewey–F. M. Alexander connection. He published a compilation of these writings in the early 1990s in four booklets for Alexander Technique teachers. Reading these booklets inspired me to create this website in 1997. –Marian Goldberg

John Dewey and the Alexander Technique
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