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Alexander Technique for Musicians

Introduction to the Alexander Technique for Musicians:

Recommended Reading on the Alexander Technique for Musicians:

  • The Alexander Technique: Freedom in Thought and Action by Tasha Miller and David Langstroth. The first chapter is available as a free download from Alexander Technique Atlantic. Audio download is available from cdbaby. Nous Publishing, 2007. ISBN 9780973978629. "...two writers who are so articulate and stylish, so broadly read in their subject, and so sensible in their commentary...a very healthy and much needed work.” – Alex Murray (Professor Emeritus of Flute, University of Illiniois; Former Principal Flute, London Symphony; Director, Alexander Technique Center Urbana.)

  • Indirect Procedures: A Musicians Guide to the Alexander Technique by Pedro de Alcantara. Foreword by Sir Colin Davis. London: Oxford University Press, 1997. Available from Amazon.

  • Alexander Technique: The Insiders Guide

    Alexander Technique for Musicians
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    Alexander Technique Center of Washington, DC

    “This approach [the Alexander Technique] has great advantages in teaching. Instead of telling your pupil what he is doing wrong or even showing him (by means of video or audio playback) what he is doing or exhorting him or admonishing him to change, you give him the experience of doing it a new way and letting him judge the difference for himself.” –Professor Frank Pierce Jones